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Native SCSU highlights the Native history and affirms the ongoing connection of Native peoples to St. Cloud State University, the city of St. Cloud, and the surrounding community. Click on a marker to view information about that location or scroll down to browse tour topics.

Stearns House, St. Cloud, MN

Founding of St. Cloud State University

Mni Sota Makoce, the Land Where the Waters Reflect the Clouds, was the original place name given to the territory that encompasses the boundaries of Minnesota. This name was given to the area by it’s original inhabitants, the Dakota. Up until the mid-1600’s...

Fort Holes

Fort Holes

St. Cloud was the central transportation location between St. Paul’s Fort Snelling and the Grand Forks area; important for its for supplies, refugees, and soldiers. The city was passed though often with wagons of supplies for the Dakota after treaty signings...

Industrial Boarding School 6

Indian Boarding Schools

In the late nineteenth century, military, missionary and government officials advocated for the removal of Native American children to residential boarding schools to expand their education on the English language and American culture. Some of the children removed from their homes...

Little Crow's Village along the Mississippi River

Mississippi River

It is undeniable that the Mississippi River has played crucial roles in the survival, and sustenance, of human populations in North America. Stretching nearly the entire longitudinal length of the United States, it has served purposes for spirituality, trade, transportation, food, and an abundance of other cultural and traditional practices...

American Indian Center - final location<br />
901 4th Ave S.

American Indian Center

The SCSU American Indian Center (AIC) was established in 1993 to empower American Indian students and communities to acknowledge educational needs and aspirations of students attending SCSU. The AIC has developed outreach programs for Indian and non-Indian communities...

Powwow Flyer 2017


The SCSU powwow has been a tradition on campus for nearly a quarter of a century. Community member, Mary Belgrade, met with the St. Cloud State University American Indian Center to establish an annual powwow at the University. The idea was to connect all people...


Native St. Cloud State University